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     There are 3 separate systems available at Acoustic Niche:  Our digital work station is based on Sonar 8.5 Producer’s Version in conjunction with a Mackie 1640-I console.  This gives crystal clear digital clarity along with a certain amount of warmth.  For those interested in old school recordings, we have available a beautiful Tascam ATR 6016 1 inch tape deck that runs in conjunction with a  Mackie 24-8 buss console, a fully functioning old school set-up.  Last but not least, is a Tascam MSR-16 ½ inch tape deck that runs at minus 10, absolutely beautiful, especially when used in conjunction with the digital system!!!




Tascam ATR 6016 1 inch 16 track open reel recorder with built-in dbx runs at 15 or 30 IPS (mint condition)

Tascam MSR-16 ½ inch 16 track open reel recorder with built-in dbx runs at 7.5 or 15 IPS (mint condition)

Mackie 24-8 24 channel recording console pro desk with full 8 bus capability

Mackie 1604 VLZ 16 channel recording console with 4 bus capability

Master Link CD recorder/digital mastering station creates 16-bit redbook or 24HD compact discs



Alesis AM-51 Groove Tube large condenser great for vocals or acoustic instruments

EV RE-27 large diaphragm dynamic cardioid microphone is excellent for vocals and instruments, very warm sound

Rode NT 5 matched stereo condensers beautiful for violins or strings, also acoustic guitar

EV RE45 dynamic cardiline shotgun microphone

Beyer M201 dynamic microphone

SM-57, workhorses-quantity: 7 microphones available

SM-58 quantity: 3 microphones available



Mackie HR 624 studio monitors

Behringer Truth B2031A studio monitors

EV 1202 stereo speakers


Processors and effects:

Lexicon/Alex digital effects processor quantity: 3 available

MicroVerb digital effects



DBX 266XL stereo compressor quantity: 2 available

DBX 266 stereo compressor



All microphone cables and recording snakes are Monster Pro!!!

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